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Read the Scriptures with first-century eyes

Imagine No Satan


James R. Brayshaw is a Canadian firefighter, by profession, who has poured some cold water on Satan and the fire of Hell. James presents the concept that Satan is not a creation of God but is a fabrication of man in a 4 vol. set of books he has written. (Podcast Radio)


James came out from a Pentecostal, casting demons out, background and still holds to a futuristic view, when it comes to eschatology, and sees immortality as something literal instead of spiritual as well as the NT as documents instead of Sola Scriptura which he still sees as beneficial as long as the OT is used first to support it and not the other way around. Jesus, the Christ, known as Yeshua, he also holds to as his personal Lord and Saviour.

TaZ - on “whateverology

Tomsan Kattackal, from Bangalore, India has a Blog that he calls his “…thoughts on theology, eschatology, soteriology, and whateverology.” For those seeking an understanding of the non-existence of the (Satan,) this is the place to be if you are a beginner. Be aware that he takes the stance on Universalism, which I am against, although his writings are still worth the reading and beneficial towards your study.

Give The Devil His Due


Sheldon Emry , also a futurist, wrote a book entitled “Give The Devil His Due.”


Emry states that ”...the ‘satan’ or ‘devil’ of the Bible is an ‘adversary’ and in most cases is representative of man's own lusts (James 1:13-15), his own “flesh” (James  4:1-7), his wicked heart (Jer. 17:9-10); and that there are people who are so under the control of this ‘adversary’ that they will not hear. God (John 8:44-77)”


He also confirms that “…the word “Satan” in the original Greek and Hebrew, both in the Old Testament and the New, comes from the same word. It is a word of Chaldean origin which was transliterated by the Hebrews and picked up by the Greeks unchanged. It means “accuser,” “adversary,” “opponent,” or it means “to do what an accuser, adversary or an opponent does.”

Hell Is Not Real


We are Hellbusters living in a world without end. As delusions and ignorance rapidly corrupt young minds, we are always on call and online making a brave stance for truth and freedom. What's behind the rise of Hellbusters like us? Well, if you really want to know, you'll have to connect with us in order to find out.

Enjoy Royalty


The cross destroyed the effectiveness and powers of the law. It also destroyed what held us. It destroyed the rulers’ authority over us.


"For he himself is our peace, who has made the two groups one and has destroyed the barrier, the dividing wall of hostility, by setting aside in his flesh THE LAW with its COMMANDS AND REGULATIONS." (Ephesians 2:14-15)

Devil is not Real


Is the Devil real? Is Satan a myth? Satan transforming himself into a talking snake is just a fable made up by religion, right? And did God really cast Lucifer out of heaven, turned him into a Red Dragon and named him Satan?


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